The History of My Body by Jeremiah Abrams

Sharon Heath’s sense of irony is both savory and sweet, transporting us into a world where the improbable is at once real and mysterious, and where the sparkly presence of a memorable girl named Fleur will remind you that true wisdom is born of innocence.

The History of my Body Review by Burt Kempner

If you’re anything like me, Sharon Heath’s luminous The History of My Body will have you on the horns of a delicious dilemma immediately. You’ll want to rush through the story to see what happens next, even as you’ll want to linger on each page...

The History of my Body Review by Carolyn Raffensperger

Sharon Heath’s tragicomic novel is a laboratory to observe a homely caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly flapping her wings and changing the world. In the chrysalis of Heath’s story, the butterfly effect transforms physics and biological facts into...

The History of My Body Review by Molly Jordan

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be inside the mind of a quirky young girl that some people consider autistic and others a genius, you must meet Fleur Robins, Heath’s enchanting protagonist of The History of my Body.

The History of My Body Review in Malcom’s Roundtable

In her wise, superbly crafted debut novel, author Sharon Heath connects a series of highly improbable events into a tightly knit story about a self-taught young girl who believes her coming of age is a wonderful example of the butterfly effect: or, as Fleur came to...