This just in from author Smoky Zeidel: “This Friday, December 16, launches the First Annual Sleigh Bells and Ink Wells Blog Hop, created by yours truly and my dear friend Patricia Damery, author of Snakes and Farming Soul (Fisher King Press). A dozen authors will be writing inspirational posts and talking a bit about their books. The participants in this cozy hop are T. K. Thorne, Patricia Damery, Debra Brenegan, Anne K. Albert, Elizabeth Clark-Stern, Collin Kelley, Sharon Heath, Melinda Clayton, Ramey Channell, Leah Shelleda, Malcolm R. Campbell, and myself.” 

Stay tuned, folks…and do come visit us all on December 16. I think you’ll be delighted by the variety of juicy blog posts from this potpourri of talented authors!

And for those of you who missed Connie Martinson interviewing me about my novel The History of My Body on her nationally syndicated TV show Connie Martinson Talks Books this week, here’s the three-part You Tube version (SPOILER ALERT: Connie likes to discuss plot in her interviews, so you might want to watch the interview AFTER you’ve read the book!):

See you on the 16th…with bells on!